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Matthew Brown is the managing director of Morementum, a well respected sales and marketing company based in Brisbane, Australia.


With years of experience in the industry, Matthew has a proven track record of helping companies achieve their sales targets through innovative marketing strategies and effective team management.


His services are highly sought-after by businesses looking to increase their revenue and reach their full potential in today’s highly competitive market.

Matthew Owner of Morementum

Project Highlights

Increased Online Applications

Attracting more applicants and help Morementum stand out as a top employer in Brisbane’s sales and marketing industry.


The company saw a significant increase in the number of applications, making the website a crucial factor in their hiring process.

Enhanced Branding

Ensuring a consistent brand image for Morementum, we had to focus on overcoming their outdated branding across the internet.


We were able to craft a polished image that truly represents the company’s values and vision.

Streamlined Application Process

Developing a streamlined application process that effectively reduced the company’s expenses while making it easier to apply.


Morementum had limited options for job applications, which resulted in significant advertisement costs.

Project Goals

After talking with Matthew and getting a sense of where Morementum was at, it quickly became clear that the company’s biggest obstacle was a shortage of qualified employees.


Without enough hands on deck, sales were suffering, and it was clear that something needed to be done.


To make matters even more challenging, Morementum had recently moved to a new location and undergone a rebranding effort.


All of these factors needed to be taken into account when we started working on the project.


Ultimately, we set three main goals for the website to help Morementum overcome these challenges and start moving forward. They were:

Website Outcome

Working on this one-page website for Matthew’s company. We wanted to make it really clear why someone would want to work for Morementum, so we kept it simple and to the point.


Working with a sales company it made it easy to make sure the copy-writing hit all the right notes and spoke directly to job seekers.


To make the job even more appealing, we produced a slick promotional video and got some great photos to really showcase what Morementum has to offer.


The website gives a clear picture as to why Morementum is the best Sales and Marketing company to work for in Brisbane.

Morementum Website Section 1
Morementum Website Section 2
Morementum Website Section 3

Website Results

Through careful analysis and planning, I was able to design a website that perfectly aligned with Morementum’s goals, values and company culture.


It took a lot of hard work and attention to detail, but Matthew was thrilled with the results, and it’s been amazing to see the positive impact it’s had on the company.


Here are some of the incredible results this website achieved for Matthew:

Quality Applicants Applying

Recruiting employees from overseas was a big part of the company’s strategy, but COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works when they lost 70% their workforce.


The website has been a game-changer in helping them find new applicants as things start to return to normal.

Reduction in Advertisement Cost

Since the new website went live, the company has been flooded with applications from interested candidates, which is great news for them.


They’ve been able to cut their advertising expenses by almost half, thanks to receiving applications through their site. 

Fastest Promoted Employee

Another exciting outcome of this project was that one of the applicants hired through the website turned out to be their fastest-promoted employee.


This individual hit the ground running and quickly became one of the company’s top salesmen.

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