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Tommy Martin, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, is the Company Director at Premier Ductwork Limited.


Premier Ductwork has been instrumental in providing exceptional labour services to distinguished companies in the UK since the company’s inception back in 2005.


Tommy’s deep understanding of the ductwork industry led him to establish Premier Ductwork as a reliable labour provider that caters to large companies nationwide.

Tommy Owner of Premier Ductwork

Project Highlights

Easy system to employ new workers.

The website’s content and how it’s organisation helps attract new employees to the company with ease. 


With the use of a simple application method, finding new workers has become easier and less stressful.

Established an authoritative online presence.

Tom has a platform to establish his authority in his field, transforming him from having no online presence to being recognized as a credible expert.


This has helped attract new workers who may not have considered applying otherwise.

Freeing up his time and ease up on his workload.

Tom’s website has allowed him to automate his recruitment process. Freeing up time and energy spent in this area of his business.


This has allowed him to focus on other important tasks, developing new strategies for his company’s growth.

Project Goals

At the onset of the project, we identified the key challenges that Tom’s company was encountering.


We analysed each issue and assessed the impact each were having on the business.


Once we had a clear understanding of the problems, I took the time to plan a strategy to address them. I established three primary goals for the project:

Website Outcome

Creating a one-page website proved to be a pivotal moment for Tom’s company.


The simple yet powerful design allowed them to showcase the various job opportunities available in the ductwork industry.


With compelling copy and social proof, such as testimonials and partnerships with major players in the industry, Tom was able to establish a sense of authority and credibility that he was looking for.


As a result, the website effectively communicated to prospective employees that Premier was a top company to work for in the ductwork industry.

Premier Website Section 1
Premier Website Section 2
Premier Website Section 3

Website Results

After identifying the main goals for the website, I had the necessary information to create a site that would attract more people to Premier Ductwork, ultimately resulting in increased revenue.


Once the site was up and running, Tom was extremely pleased with the results it delivered for the company.


Take a look at the impressive results this website achieved for Tom:

Hiring success

The website has massively helped improve the recruitment process for Tom and Premier Ductwork.


Resulting in the successful hiring of 10 new workers in the first 3 months after the website launch.

Increased revenue

Since hiring a third more labor, Premier Ductwork has experienced a 30% increase in revenue.


Which has been the largest increase the company has seen since the impact of COVID-19 in 2020.

Increased partnership

Tom was pleasantly surprised when the website’s social media advertisements helped attract a new business partnership for Premier Ductwork.


This unexpected result was a huge bonus for the company.

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