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Thurrock Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance

Dean Anderson is the company director of Thurrock Maintenance established in early 2020.


Thurrock Maintenance has quickly made a name for itself in the industry serving some of the UK’s most well-known brick and mortar businesses across the nation.


Dean is driven to make Thurrock Maintenance the top facilities maintenance company in the UK. He’s passionate about the business and works tirelessly to provide the best possible service to clients.

Dean Owner of Thurrock Maintenance

Project Highlights

Solid stream of new inquiries

Dean has been able to generate a solid stream of new inquiries for his services by using strong call-to-actions through the website.


This has been a major win for Thurrock Maintenance as they are well-equipped to take on the increased demand.

Huge increase in sales

One of the best highlights from this project has been discovering that Thurrock Maintenance’s sales have skyrocketed.


They’ve been able to turn a lot of their new website inquiries into actual sales, which is fantastic news!

Company growth sky rocketed

Thurrock Maintenance is on track to have its best year yet since they’ve launched their website.


It’s clear that their online presence has had a big impact on their success, and it’s exciting to see them doing so well.

Project Goals

I had a few lengthy phone calls with Dean to get a sense of what he wanted to do with Thurrock Maintenance in the coming years and what was holding them back right now.


Once I had a good grasp of the situation, I dug into the essential aspects that the website needed to nail to achieve his goals.


With those key points in mind, I formulated three main objectives for the project.


By doing this, I had a clear direction of where to focus my attention and could confidently move forward with the website.

Website Outcome

A multi-page platform that gave potential customers a crystal-clear idea of who they were and what services they offered.


I included tons of call-to-actions that really grabbed your attention, along with some persuasive copy and images that gave the company a personality.


With so many pages devoted to explaining their services, potential clients could easily figure out how this company could help them solve their problems.


Their contact section was organised super professionally, offering clients multiple ways to get in touch.

Thurrock Maintenance Website Section 1
Thurrock Maintenance Website Section 2
Thurrock Maintenance Website Section 3

Website Results

When I started working on Thurrock Maintenance’s website, I knew exactly what needed to be done to achieve the best possible results.


With a clear focus, I built a solid foundation that paved the way for success.


Dean was over the moon with the website’s impact on his company. It’s moments like these that make me love what I do even more.


Check out these results:

Sales have almost doubled

One of the biggest results that Thurrock Maintenance has seen since launching their new website is a nearly doubled sales revenue.


With the new website, potential customers can easily find and understand what services Thurrock Maintenance offers, leading to more inquiries and sales.

Landed government projects

Another significant achievement for Thurrock Maintenance is securing work on government projects.


With their updated website, the company can showcase their expertise, experience, and ability to handle large-scale projects, making them an ideal choice for government agencies.

Reduced the stress of finding new clients

Finding new clients can be a stressful process, but Thurrock Maintenance’s new website has helped alleviate that stress.


By having a clear offer and great call to actions on the website potential clients can easily find the information they need and take action.

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